SUPL Status

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+ July 29th, 2019 : Victorian State Government funding

The Victorian State Government has generously made available $5 million of funding towards SUPL. With this, the full $10 million needed for the construction of SUPL has been obtained.

The establishment of the Laboratory will create a number of new jobs during initial construction of the facility, as well as continuing support for a wider range of jobs in the region, and further economic benefit over the lifetime of the laboratory.

Whilst SABRE South will be the first experiment to make use of space within the ultra-low-radiation facility, SUPL will host other experiments which require such conditions, not only in the area of physics, but also in areas such as medicine, instrumentation, and geology.

It is intended that outreach to the public, and to schools in particular, will be a focus of SUPL once it is operational.

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+ April 26th, 2019 : Federal Government funding

A recent application for substantial funding towards construction of the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory has been successful.

Some $5 million of Federal Government funding has been obtained. At this stage, it is anticipated that construction within the Stawell mine will commence in late May/early June of this year.