A/Prof. Paul Jackson

Associate Professor Paul Jackson is an experimental particle physicist specialising insearches for “beyond the Standard Model” physics, primarily using detectors situated at particle colliders.

He has made important contributions to the physics program of the Large Hadron Collider through involvement with the ATLAS and BaBar experiments, and has published important phenomenology work on the sensitivity of collider searches to dark matter candidates.

Within the Centre, he will lead the interrogation of data collected from the ATLAS experiment at CERN, performing analyses sensitive to signals arising from dark matter candidates, and will mentor MSc and PhD students on dark matter searches at SUPL and CERN and build research training through a dynamic program of experimental high-energy physics education that will span all aspects of the discipline.

Also, he will grow his already strong track record in outreach, in particular bringing the search for dark matter to a younger audience.

Home institution: University of Adelaide.