Dr. Maxim Goryachev

Dr. Maxim Goryachev is an established physicist with vast experience in low-temperature and condensed-matter physics, frequency measurement and control, low-noise and precision measurements, photonic and phononic low-loss systems, and paramagnetic and ferrimagnetic spin systems at low temperatures.

Within the Centre, he will take a leadership role in coordinating the research program to develop solid-state crystalline detectors for cryogenic WIMP detection based on novel precision and quantum measurement techniques, as well as making significant contributions to the axion and WISP program at UWA.

Whilst already supervising and mentoring post-graduate students at UWA, Dr. Goryachev’s expertise in low-temperature, quantum measurement techniques and low-noise precision experimental physics will be at the disposal of all students across all of the Centre’s Nodes; furthermore, he will contribute to the Centre’s outreach program.

Home institution: University of Western Australia.