Dr. Matthew Dolan

An esteemed and leading particle theorist, Dr. Matthew Dolan has investigated Beyond the Standard Model physics for the past decade, making a number of important contributions to dark matter research in collider physics, direct detection and indirect detection.

He has experience not only with exploration of the WIMP regime (in particular light WIMPs), but also with axion-like particles, demonstrating how they may searched at the Belle II experiment at the LHC.

Within the Centre, he will contribute to the nexus between the theoretical and experimental aspects of the Centre’s work, having authored papers on searches for dark matter with members of the ATLAS and Belle II experiments. This synergy will allow theory to provide predictions which can be tested by experiment, and the experimental results will provide state-of- the-art limits and bounds on the properties of a variety of dark matter models.

Further, Dr. Dolan will mentor student and post-doctoral researchers within the Centre, and contribute to the Centre’s outreach program.

Home institution: University of Melbourne.