A/Prof. Gary Hill

Associate Professor Gary Hill is an accomplished astrophysicist with nearly 30 years’ activity in the field, making significant and leading contributions, particularly in the area of high-energy neutrino detection. Having work previously on the AMANDA neutrino-detection experiment, he now continues to work on the IceCube array, having established data analysis methods critical to the interpretation of low-signal/high-background data.

As an astroparticle experimentalist working on neutrinos, he will bring his expertise in data analysis and interpretation to the Centre, with these skills being particularly applicable and valuable to the SABRE direct-detection experiment, where muon-induced background signals are of importance, just as they are to AMANDA and IceCube.

An experienced supervisor and mentor of students, as well as public speaker, A/Prof. Hill will contribute to these areas of the Centre’s work.

Home institution: University of Adelaide.