Prof. Frank Wilczek (Stockholm U.)

One of the world’s most eminent theoretical physicists, Professor Frank Wilczek was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics (alongside David Gross and Hugh David Politzer) for his discovery of asymptotic freedom in strong interactions. With particular relevance to the activities of the Centre, he also is known for his work relating to the invention of axions.

Working within the Theory program, his expertise in axion physics will be of substantial benefit to both Centre theorists, and to experimentalists working in the axion and WISP direct-detection areas. Furthermore, his extensive international linkages will help promote collaborations between Centre researchers and relevant international experts.

With an excellent record of supervising graduate students and postdoctoral scholars throughout his career, Professor Wilczek will undertake research projects on axion physics with students and other early-career researchers. As a public speaker and author, he will liaise with the Centre’s Outreach Co-ordinator to contribute to the Centre’s outreach program.

Home institution: Stockholm University.