Prof. Frank Calaprice (Princeton U.)

Professor Frank Calaprice is a world-renowned experimental physicist in the field of nuclear and particle astrophysics, and has made exceptional contributions to dark-matter direct-detection experiments and measurements of solar neutrinos. He is widely recognised as a leading authority in the field of very-low-background, low-counting-rate experiments.

He has been instrumental in the development of materials and techniques that improve and refine the capabilities of direct-detection experiments, including the SABRE dual-detector experiment.

Within the Centre, Professor Calaprice will provide research leadership both through his role as the Spokesperson for the SABRE experiment as well as practical contributions to all aspects of the WIMP direct detection program from his vast experience with ultra-low-background, underground detectors, which also will have beneficial impact upon the Centre’s Metrology program.

Students and staff will continue to benefit from visits to Princeton University, particularly to contribute to the crystal development program for SABRE, as well as on all aspects of the dark matter detection program.

Home institution: Princeton University, USA.