SABRE South status : vessel construction

July 12th 2019

Major construction of the vessel for the SABRE South installation has been completed.

This vessel will contain the liquid scintillator for the liquid veto component of the experiment, with the NaI crystal detector modules and veto photo-multiplier tubes to be immersed within the veto liquid within the vessel (the veto is used to help distinguish prospective real events from background/noise events).

Reaching this stage is a significant milestone in the progress of SABRE South, since it allows testing of the vessel structure to begin, and for assembly of the vessel with associated equipment to commence presently, after the vessel has been transferred to the assembly location at Swinburne University’s Wantirna campus.

The vessel is pictured below with mechanical engineer Tiziano Baroncelli, at Tasweld Engineering at Warrnambool on July 11th. The image shows the vessel during testing procedures, which included hydrostatic pressurisation tests with water, and gas-leak tests using helium and a “sniffer” probe checking seals and seams for tightness. The helium tests will be repeated after transport to Wantirna to assess if any damage occurs during transit.

The results from these initial tests were all satisfactory, so the vessel has been formally accepted, as construction requirements have been met.